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Vital Guide on Secret Facebook Chatting offered by ZoneAlarm Support

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Considering the popularity of the widely used social media website – Facebook, we, the reliable and experienced members of ZoneAlarm Support team are here with a vital guide on topics from ‘how to chat on Facebook’ to ‘several modes in which the users can chat’ to ‘what is secret chat?’ to etc.

Nowadays, Facebook chatting is one of the finest methods used by millions of users for saying something to their friends, relatives or more. Sending a message via Facebook chat is an instant tactic where you have to simply search that particular person and send the message to the one.

The Green dot will make you see all your friends who are online thus allowing you to chat with any one of them. Facebook also permit you to chat with more than one person at a time i.e. you can talk to multiple people at a particular time. Now let’s go through the guidelines offered by ZoneAlarm Antivirus Support techies to give the idea on ‘how to chat on Facebook?’

The support professionals ask you to locate the ‘Chat’ option present in the lower right corner of your Facebook Page. Getting into ‘Chats’ will show the status of your being online. And a small window symbol flies from the Chat bar located in the lower right corner of the screen if you receive a message from anyone.

How can you chat?

If you want to chat with someone, proceed with the following steps given by our ZoneAlarm Customer Support techies:

Click anywhere in the Chat dialog box - > Start Typing - > Hit ‘Enter’ key. This will send your message along with representing the entire conversations.

ZoneAlarm Technical Support executives explain that each and every chat box is accompanied with a blue bar holding the name of the one with whom you are chatting. This dialog box supports sending & receiving of text, audio as well as video messages.

The ZoneAlarm experts of our firm also clarify the usage of ‘X’ symbol which is located in the upper right corner of the chat box. Actually, it is used to close the chat box whenever you want to. Our ZoneAlarm Tech Support executives lower down your worry of losing the data you share in your conversations as according to their certified knowledge – the data remain saved in your inbox.

Multiple modes in which you can chat:

There are a number of options you can go for:

View Full Conversation: This option will allow you to see your entire discussion history.

Add Friends to Chat: If you want to discuss the same thing with a number of your friends, then this feature will allow you to chat with all of them by adding them to a group. And this is known as Group Chat. Want assistance for executing the Group Chat, consult our ZoneAlarm Technical Support professionals.

Report spam: If you don’t want to receive any message from a person, then simply click the option ‘Report as Spam’ Facing issue in doing so, let our verified ZoneAlarm Customer Support professionals do it for you.

The information on what is Secret Chat on Facebook? How to perform it? What are its benefits are with the trustworthy and proficient ZoneAlarm Antivirus Support deliverers of PC Experts Help. Consult any time and get the detailed info about every single question mentioned or not mentioned in this blog. The toll-free ZoneAlarm Technical Support Number that will instantly redirect you to us is 1800-012-720.

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